Above the Law

It’s not that I believe I’m “above the law”; that the “law” doesn’t apply to me.

It’s that I recognize everyone is above the “law”; that the “law” doesn’t apply to anyone — other than those who pass, enforce, or explicitly agree to be subject to the “law”.

The only people legitimately subject to “arrest” for using drugs, smuggling, prostitution, migration, or any other mala prohibita “law” are the people who support those “laws”, the lawgivers who made them up, and the cops who enforce them. No one else is subject to them. Everyone else is above those “laws”.

“Law” or no “law” everyone has the right to defend themselves from archation, so don’t make the mistake of believing this means that since murderers don’t agree to “laws” against murder they get a free pass. The “law” isn’t what makes murder wrong, nor is it what creates the right to fight back.

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