A Fundamental Flaw of Central Planning

Written by Rollo McFloogle for Inside McFloogle’s Mind.

As you progress deeper in thought about free markets and the state and the moral consequences of both, you begin to see some of the intricacies of how they work. Prior to this, you were able to see in more and more ways that the state cannot function efficiently, honestly, and productively, but now you can see why there are problems with the state.

The beauty of the free market is that you can apply its principles to essentially any type of decision-making situation. If left free from coercive forces, a person is able to analyze and choose from any and all available and appropriate methods to solve a problem. This problem could be something as simple as deciding what to eat for dinner or as complex as a local business polluting your property. The freedom to be able to solve your own problems does not however guarantee that you’ll find a suitable solution. You’ll likely make choices that don’t fix what’s bothering you, but if everyone is free, you have the ability to observe others and learn from their mistakes and failures.

This leads us to one of the fundamental flaws of the state. The central planning necessary in a state eliminates the ability of individuals to have all of their options available to them to solve their own personal problems and the problems of the communities in which they live.
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