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Anything But Original Appropriation is Nonsensical

Ultimately, whatever property conventions people voluntary decide to respect amongst each other is or should be acceptable for the voluntaryist. However, until there is a meeting of the minds between individuals concerning property conventions, how should conflicts over property claims be judged? In my opinion, they should be judged on the basis of original appropriation, and anything else is nonsensical.

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“If Niggers Drink Beer, Then We’re All Niggers”

Accusations of racism and bigotry are seemingly everywhere these days. You're not hip if you're not ashamed of your whitehood or manhood or calling others racist or bigoted. I for one have had my feel. Maybe I am a little racist, or maybe I'm not. I was struck by this exchange in the first episode of Louis CK's "Horace and Pete" starring Alan Alda as Uncle Pete.

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