Words Poorly Used #79 — Waste

A certain POTUS once promised while he was still a candidate that since he didn’t need vacations, he was not going to waste taxpayer money on golf and vacations.  This is impending upon the logic fallacy, sometimes known as Special Pleading, aka Moving the Goal Posts.  There is another related fallacy called Moving the Stasis Point.  After POTUS’s participating in millions of taxpayer dollars worth of golf outings, I get the feeling that the pivot of the spin is going to revolve around “waste.”  A special pleading to redefine the term will be set forth.  Don’t you know that golf outings that are not wasted do not figure in this perfect storm of linguistic legerdemain?  It seems that POTUS and his minions believe that if the foursome contains a critical number of peeps with presidential business, then it must be appropriate.  I wonder if Arnold Schwartzenegger was canned on the back nine.  Speaking of Arnold, our POTUS has a track record of pulling the rug from under hapless non-performers.  He decides unilaterally, non-voluntarily to redefine contracts in ways that leave someone else holding the bag, I hear.  Guess who the grand bagholder will be?  Taxpayers who are not cronies, that’s who.
 — Kilgore Forelle
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