Words Poorly Used #59 — Flat Tax

The other day I was in a debate with an American war fanatic/statist.  He posted a meme criticizing the IRS, soon after raising hosannas to the military might of ‘Murcah.  It seems that jingoists have this peculiar structure of the brain where they hate taxes but at the same time want to be the ruler of the world.  So, I asked this guy, if he was going to cherry-pick, condemning the IRS, while praising the megalith of the military-industry-state complex, who did he believe would be the minions to collect the tribute for our military gods.  He answered, “flat tax!”  Magic!  Jiggering the tax collection structure does not lend merit to the profligacy of the state.  No, a flat tax does not remedy the evils of the state, it just improves the effectiveness of the anesthetic while your vital organs are being removed.

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