When is Interventionism Worse Than Socialism?

Ludwig von Mises has repeatedly emphasized that consistently implemented interventionism (also known as the “third way”) must lead to socialism, while consistently implemented socialism must lead to hunger and poverty for all. Today, these observations should be supplemented with the suggestion that consistently implemented interventionism functioning within a properly dynamized, globalized and virtualized economy may lead directly to the post-apocalyptic world – i.e. to hunger and poverty for all, bypassing the socialist stage.

For only this kind of interventionism, parasitizing exponentially on the resources of the global semicapitalist economy, is capable of – unlike productively and communicatively helpless socialism – causing an accelerated global hypochondriac frenzy, global hyperinflation and global escalation of military action, including the use of nuclear arsenals. Bearing the above in mind, all people of good will should dismantle this interventionism at an equally accelerated pace – each according to his own measure, but always, everywhere and ruthlessly.

This is because only “going all the way” is able to stop something so completely destructive – and whoever in a similar situation tries to lose as little as possible, in the first place will lose everything.

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