Usability III

Nobody asked but …

To be “usable” a thing, an event, a process must not be futile.  Elections are not futile for politicians; they are the principle tool by which politicians reach their collective goal — that the status quo remain undisturbed, that the criminality continues.

Elections are extremely futile for voters.  For them, elections are a miasma, a sargassum, a maelstrom, a fog, a trauma that shifts eternally from dream to nightmare and back.  They may be usable for inducing vomiting.

Did the tea party achieve any positive goal?  How about the Bullmoosers?  Let’s not forget the bloody rabble that thought they were accomplishing something with the injection of reality television to the Oval Office.

Same-oh, same-oh!  I heard a pundit trying to fill dead airspace on election night by remarking that somehow off year elections proved something.  Off year elections prove that the voters can beat up on themselves, ad infinitum.

Elections are useless, as is a system of which they are a vital part.  Suicide by voting booth.

— Kilgore Forelle

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