Two Twenty Two Twenty Two

Nobody asked but …

This will be the only 22222 (mddyy) in our lifetimes
We will hardly notice it
Only paying attention to things like the fictional war being cooked up for Ukrainia

The Military Industrial Journalistic Political Complex has discovered that
Weaponry can be generated by threat of war, short of real war
Every sword is being rattled
No stone remains unturned
The very communication channels are humming with the sound of marching boots
Yet we have forgotten Wag the Dog.

Things are coming undone
We have forgotten a story that has lasted the duration of humanity
Of  war

The millennia have rolled past many instances of 22222, or it’s like
When will we notice that all of these epochs
Each and every
No peace
There will always be war, we assert without support
Yet we do not know why.

The onset of war comes from those
Who can ignore its probabilities
Over all the eons of human time.

— Kilgore Forelle

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