Tools are For Working, Not Worshiping

Here’s a tweet I saw today from Roger Ver:

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Tools are for working, not for worshiping.

You can make awesome things with your tools, but your tools are not the things that make you awesome.

Life isn’t about how good you are at judging people who don’t understand your tools nor is it about how excited you are about the particular tools you possess. It’s about one thing: what you do with your tools when it’s time to face the inevitable battle you’ll have with your own resistance.

Don’t worship your college status, or your college drop out status, or your homeschool status, or your self-directed learner status, or your minimalist status, or your freelancer status, or your entrepreneur status, or your work from home status, or your I take online courses status, or your I attend this program/school status, or your I know how to code status, or your I read a book a week status. Those things are just means to an end.

The end is you.

The end is becoming the best possible version of yourself. The end is taking ownership of your life and experiencing yourself as a being of power. Everything else is a mere tool. And nothing makes a tool lose its power more quickly than when we make a religion out of our use of them.

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