Tone Deaf in a Bubble

Nobody asked but …

Maybe POTUS isn’t metaphorically tone deaf, but I doubt it.  He gets an idea, ignores significant negative feedback, reiterates the idea, does not retreat from the idea.  Then he assembles a group of traumatized students and does a focus group on his ideas, doing all the talking, not listening.  He is not interested in feedback, he is interested in appearing as though he is seeking feedback.  Actually, he’s in a bubble, and no one else knows what movie is showing on the screen inside the bubble.

Definition of bubble

1a small globule typically hollow and light: such as
a a small body of gas within a liquid
b a thin film of liquid inflated with air or gas
c a globule in a transparent solid
d something (such as a plastic or inflatable structure) that is hemispherical or semicylindrical
2a something that lacks firmness, solidity, or reality
b a delusive scheme
3a sound like that of bubbling
5a state of booming economic activity (as in a stock market) that often ends in a sudden collapse
6the condition of being at risk of exclusion or replacement (as from a tournament) usually used in the phrase on the bubble
 — teams still on the bubble for the playoffs
 — Kilgore Forelle
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