They Are Losing

A fantastic post by u/Acalme-se_Satan on reddit that I really needed to read, and perhaps you do to. Here it is in full.

I’m going to give you a major whitepill now.

Constant lies and distortions from the mainstream media. Authoritarian acts from governments everywhere. More and more repression in most countries. For some, this may seem like they’re winning, but they’re not.

When you’re winning, you play fair. You only start cheating, becoming aggressive and throwing a tantrum when you’re losing. The smart kid never cheats on the tests. The kid who’s about to fail hard is always the one who cheats.

The truth is that they’re losing and they’re completely desperate about it. They don’t know what’s hitting them and they don’t know how to fight against it, so they are trying everything they can because they simply don’t know what to do.

Let’s take Canada as an example (but this applies to the whole worldwide political climate for the 10 years or so).

They are calling the truckers every single negative word they imagine (racists, antivaxers, criminals and so on), inventing tons of lies and pulling out an emergency act because they simply don’t know what to do to stop it. They are completely desperate.

Also, keep in mind we’re talking about Canada here. It’s a calm and peaceful population that usually doesn’t do protests like this… if you managed to piss off one of the calmest countries on the world, it means you have done some really terrible shit. We’re not talking about Brazil, where there’s basically 2 or 3 major protests every single year, and every small mistake the government does pisses everyone off. It’s Canada.

The reason why they’re losing is simply the existence of the internet (decentralized communication). There was once a time where the state and the mainstream media could collude together and push every narrative they wanted to, and everyone would just obey because they were the only source of information.

Now, they are powerless. People spread ideas they don’t like, and they can’t do anything to stop it because they simply can’t control the internet.

They try everything they can. In the short run, it kinda works (some people get banned/deplatformed, some people get beaten up and arrested), but in the long run, they don’t stand a chance.

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