The Virtual Conspiracy

Guest post by spacehabitats.

“Is there a Conspiracy?” That is the question that plagues so many intelligent, concerned people today. As we see our once proud nation brought to its knees economically, as we see our soldiers being butchered at the hands of phantom enemies, as we see our liberties being eroded daily, as we stand by helplessly watching our elected leaders betray our interests; it seems a question that is inescapable. “Is there a Conspiracy?”

The question may take different forms and certainly has many objects of interest. It may be asked regarding international banking, the events of 9/11, mainstream media bias, global-warming, assassination, electric cars, and on and on, ad infinitum. But throughout all of these controversies and mysteries what remains consistent is the fact that the problems which prompted the question in the first place get placed on the back burner, sometimes indefinitely.
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