Tarentino, Nazis, and ANTIFA: Our Propaganda Problem

If you haven’t seen “Inglorious Basterds” by now, you really should have. But just in case you haven’t, here’s a basic premise. A squad of Jewish Nazi killers plan an assassination attempt on Hitler at the premiere of Joseph Goebbels’ latest propaganda movie. The propaganda movie, of course, depicts the Nazi cause as just and noble, and Jewish people as villainous monsters. In it, a Nazi gunman heroically stands his ground as a sole survivor against encroaching enemy forces, single handily taking out 200 soldiers with expert precision, and a love of country and countryman that might make Captain America say, “Okay, settle down now.” After the short movie concludes, there isn’t a dry eye in the audience. The people are clapping, Hitler is crying; it’s all sorts of emotional. Of course, it’s designed to illicit disgust from us as the audience, as we watch these Nazi’s revel in their propaganda. Surely, we aren’t disgusting savages like these Nazi’s, after all.

Of course, that’s where one meta-theory of the movie comes into play.

The movie is about a Jewish hit squad, who violently and brutally kill Nazi’s, after scalping them. And audiences loved it. It’s entirely fictional, but it can be argued that it is a representation of what we “wished” had happened. Like the propaganda piece from Goebbels, nothing about the film is true. Yet we clap and cheer as Hitler is riddled with machine gun bullets, Christoph Waltz’s cowardly character, after trying to cheat his way out of death, is violently scalped at the end of the movie. Every major historical Nazi villain lies dead in a pool of their own blood. And not one hero dies. See? Total propaganda.

The meta-theory suggests that Quentin Tarentino was trying to show how large groups of people can be easily swayed by fancy filmography, decent acting, a moving score, and a depiction of yourself or those like you as heroes, with your other as monsters, or cowards. We love this propaganda movie while we simultaneously groan in disgust at the propaganda movie by Joseph Goebbels. Long story short? People are hypocrites. And we fall for this kind of propaganda all the time.

Just remember this the next time you hear ANTIFA, or some other leftist lunatic or group call people they don’t like “Nazis.”

Wake up from your programming and propaganda. The mainstream media, from CNN, to FoxNews, to MSNBC, and everything in between, are all various forms of Joseph Goebbels. They’re all trying to lead you along. They want you crying, angry, sad, upset, afraid–whatever–at the end of their propaganda.

The very same people who fell hook, line, and sinker for Tarentino’s point are the very same people operating within these kinds of movements (ANTIFA, etc…) now. And they are actively calling for violence against dissident groups.

Don’t be those people, m’kay? Don’t be an audience to propaganda, and then act out your fantasy.

Keep it real, yo.

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