Aaron W. Returns, Interpersonal Domination, & Moralizing (57m) – Episode 356

Episode 356 welcomes back Aaron White to chat with Skyler on the following topics: Aaron leaving California for Texas; arguing versus trying to simply dominate someone in conversation; woke crusading, rooting out heretics, and inspiring fear; cancellation of leftists by woke leftists; whether truth can be racist; race realism and anarchist society; facts and deriving values; feeling defensive when considering implications toward one’s worldview of another’s arguments; why someone should chose “the good”; teasing/ballbusting with your kids; and more.

With Remote Learning, Schools Are Watching and Reporting Parents at Alarming Rates

As remote learning creates more distance between school districts and students, school and state officials are clinging to control however they can. From sending Child Protective Services (CPS) agents to investigate charges of neglect in homes where children missed Zoom classes last spring, to proposing “child wellbeing checks” in homes this fall, government schools and related agencies are panicking over parents having increased influence over their children’s care and education during the pandemic.

Five Rules for Studying History

“History” is a product of human beings. History of the same events and people may be done (will be done) differently from generation to generation. Sometimes, due to advances in archaeology or new discoveries of old texts, history done 500 years after the fact will be better than history done 100 years later. Similarly, changes in dominant ideology might make later history less reliable than earlier historical works. Best to read histories from multiple perspectives and times.

Kamala Harris’s Problem Isn’t Her Identity; It’s Her Character

As you no doubt know by now, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has chosen US Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate. You’ve probably also noticed  the first salvo of Republican attacks on Harris: She’s “not really black,” and she may not even be a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution to hold the office of president or vice president. No one sane or intelligent finds either of these attacks convincing.

Jared Interviewed on the Everything Voluntary Podcast (57m) – Episode 026

Episode 026: Jared joins Skyler Collins on “Everything Voluntary” for a chat on his new farm and homestead and diving head first into rural farm-based living; his chickens, sheep, dogs, turkeys and plans for more types of livestock; fruit trees and gardening plans; living in Trump country as a voluntaryist; the difference in personal freedom between urban and rural society; Pacific Northwest secessionary attitudes; and more.

Professional Value, Insufferable Bitch, Responsibility, & Child Leashes (27m) – Episode 351

Episode 351 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following entries to r/unpopularopinion: yathatisveryadequate writes, “Animators should be payed WAY more than actors” and jdkdkdms writes, “Scientist should be paid more than Atheletes”; Agent_Ayru writes, “‘I’m not a morning person’ isn’t an excuse to be an insufferable bitch”; DarkMausey writes, “We are creating a society where no one is responsible for anything, and that’s a problem”; and Tweezot writes, “Keeping small children on leashes in public is extremely practical and shouldn’t be considered ‘weird’.”