Retroactively Undone and Repealed

When cops get caught planting evidence, lying under oath, etc., sometimes other pending or past cases which relied upon the testimony of that cop also get thrown out. Because hey, once the guy is a proven crook and liar, how can it be okay for anyone to be locked up based on what that slimeball claimed happened? (That happens less often than it should, but it does happen.)

Now suppose that that principle was applied to politicians. (I can dream, can’t I?) If every time a politician was caught lying, cheating, breaking the law, taking bribes, covering stuff up, etc., then everything he ever helped to “legislate” was retroactively undone and repealed, where would we be today?

Simple. We would be in anarchy (literally)!

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What the Response to the Challenge of Jurisdiction Should Tell You

Challenging jurisdiction is a very effective way to reveal the emptiness of the claims made by law enforcement, prosecutors, bureaucrats, and politicians.

These folks exist, supposedly, to protect us from predators and to lead us forward toward our collective destiny of equality and prosperity for all.

That’s the constant message we receive throughout our lives, anyway. And it’s complete horseshit.

When any of these people are challenged on the authority they claim to wield in order to protect and lead us, they fall flat.

See for yourself care of Marc Stevens’ “call of shame” archive at his website.

They fall flat because their claim is utterly unsupported by hard, factual evidence. If their claim is so right and true, what’s the problem? Shouldn’t it be a simple thing to produce the evidence from which their claim, that their laws apply, derives?

You’d think so, but it’s not. Quite the opposite. It’s impossible.

And because of the impossibility of proving jurisdiction, these folks resort to the only tactic they can: deceit.

If someone can’t support their claims of a positive obligation with evidence, continuing to make them means that they are dishonest.

If that same someone is willing to use violence to enforce such a claim, despite their emptiness, they are a predator.

This is how every law enforcement officer, prosecutor, bureaucrat, and politician who’s willing to enforce their non-existent jurisdiction behaves, or they wouldn’t be doing what they do on a daily basis.

That’s what the response to the challenge of jurisdiction should tell you about our supposed protectors and leaders.

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Status Symbol

Nobody asked but …

I saw a Porsche SUV today.  Now I’m really confused.  Either the driver had a tremendous , if off-the-wall, sense of humor, or there is for sure somebody out there more confused than me.

Everyday I see a dozen or more things that make no sense at all.  These are not things explained by my own lack of a grasp of the particulars.  These are things that just defy logic.

Somebody explain that group handshake at the recent Asian conference — or, hell, just explain the conference.  But just when I have decided that the only rational response is no response, somebody drives a Porsche SUV into my field of vision.  Are we permanent residents of Disneyland?

— Kilgore Forelle

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Legislators, Know Thy Limits

A certain legislator wished to make his state great via technology. My reply:

Technology is hardly the forte of the legislature. There are fundamental differences between a body of random people whose sole qualification is the ability to get voted into office, and entrepreneurs, who risk their own skin in the game, rather than risking the lives and livelihood of millions of others.

Legislators need to absorb a few economic realities, beginning with Public Choice Theory and the Economic Calculation Problem. This might inoculate them from the virus of Magical Thinking.

Or, as a shortcut, ponder the legend of King Cnut, whose courtiers believed him capable of anything; he bade them carry his throne chair to the beach, and there commanded the tides to desist, so that his courtiers might understand that even the king’s powers had limits.

Legislators cannot transcend the laws of physics, nor of economics.

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Veteran’s Day is the Worst; I Hate Veterans

Now before you blow your top, you easily triggered little snowflake you, allow me to rephrase: I hate the idea of veterans.

We only have veterans because we have war, and we only have war because greedy politicians just can’t help themselves to the spoils that are the result of sending other people’s children to war.

Whether it’s “our” greedy politicians or “their” greedy politicians, usually both, we simpleton schmucks believe the propaganda and sign up in the thousands to be used as cannon fodder for somebody else’s profit.

When will humanity learn?

When humanity stops hitting and dominating its children, that’s when.

If we want to end the idea of veterans, and what ethical person doesn’t?, we need to end the idea of war. We do that by striking the root of where violence is born, in the home.

Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, stop hitting and dominating your children!

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This Just In

Nobody asked but …

The media are dithering again. They incorrectly interpreted the Donna Brazile story to say that elections had been rigged.  Now they are sticking to that incorrect story against a tsunami of contradicting fact.  But that’s enough of dissecting how the media get it wrong — it’s a same old version of the same old story.  What sticks with me are these takeaways:

  • The infighting among party members, of any party, is fierce and entirely predictable,
  • Politics are disgusting, and politicians are bottom-feeders,
  • The Democratic (sic) National Committee owed nothing to Bernie Sanders, the sub-not-POTUS,
  • The not-POTUS campaign owed nothing to the sub-not-POTUS,
  • The sub-not-POTUS is a member of the SOCIALIST party, ie a parasite in the Democrat primary system
  • Both major parties are deep in the process of tearing themselves apart
  • It would be “good riddance!,” but things, hideous things, will arise from the rotting slime, just in time to ruin again, next cycle, the American Dream.

— Kilgore Forelle

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