Rural Filter

Nobody asked but …

Speaking of Plato’s Cave allegory, what if we perceived of reality through country music lyrics? Would tractors and trucks be sex objects? Would we think that the things that happen under the influence are all good? Would we all be unsuccessful at love, particularly when we have reached the so-called objectives of love? Would we really not know when we’ll be back again? Would we ascribe to the theory that freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose? Was José truly a bad man. What is walking the line, and who drew it? What is evil like a little old boll weevil?  I personally love country music, and I believe its lyrics are the true form of American poetry, but it could give us a very warped view of life.  We must work very hard to keep an even keel when listening to the sirens.  Now imagine, if you will, that all of our reality was filtered through the lens of American politics.  Better or worse?


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