Preparation Can Ease Your Anxiety

If you are worried about the next few years, I can relate. Supply chain problems, inflation, the ongoing drought, and the possibility of political violence seem like they are closing in on us. An effective way to defeat the worry is to take charge of your life. Be responsible for your own well-being. Don’t wait to be rescued.

You’ll always feel worse about things you think you can’t control. So, take control and do what you can, and you’ll put your energy to better use than you would by worrying.

Stock up on things you’ll need later, now, before the prices get higher. If they aren’t available in stores at the moment, stay alert and buy them when you see them. Give local sellers a chance first, but if it doesn’t look as though they’ll be able to get what you need, try an online source.

Canned food is a good place to start. Dry rice and beans — as long as you have the water to prepare them — are items every house should store against hard times.

Please stock up on water, both to drink and cook with, and for cleaning and sanitation. You can never have enough.

Don’t forget medical supplies, including medicines. Health-endangering prescription rules make it hard to stock up on essential medications, but this is something to take into consideration before it becomes an emergency.

If things improve on their own, having extra food, water, and health supplies isn’t going to hurt you any. If things get worse, though, they’ll be worth more than gold.

Political violence looks like it may soon become a bigger threat. Americans have irreconcilable differences, and it shows.

I would recommend you stay away from big cities to avoid the worst threat of political violence. Sometimes you can’t avoid them, but get in, get done, and get out. The less time spent there, the better.

I have neighbors I know I can depend on, and I would do what I can to support them, too. I have neighbors I don’t know well enough, and that’s my fault. It’s something I need to correct. You need to build community where you live. Community, as opposed to its opposite — government, is essential for survival.

Doing useful things will help you feel better about the future. You’ll feel more capable and competent. It’s more than a feeling — you’ll be making it real.

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