Predications Take Paying Attention

This past spring I noticed a bigger than usual crop of the plant that becomes tumbleweeds when it dies and the wind blows. I told a few people to be ready for an epic tumbleweed season this year. Then, I failed to see many tumbleweeds last month and wondered what had happened to them all.

It turns out they had all gone to Oasis State Park to plot their attack.

So, I was right about the bumper crop, but I missed where they were going. I can’t win ‘em all.

Some things are easy to predict based on what you see happening in the world around you, but you have to pay attention to your surroundings.

When you watch government counterfeiting trillions of dollars and calling it a stimulus, you can predict Inflation. I predicted it early in the pandemic overreaction and got scolded mightily for doing so, but it’s happening. No one who took me to task for warning of inflation on the horizon has apologized. I won’t hold my breath.

When governments get away with telling people what to wear, ordering them to inject sketchy substances into their bodies, and dictating whether they can open their business, go to work, or even leave the house, you can predict authoritarianism is on the rise. It’s being scaled back in some places but is still getting worse in others. The people have the choice as to whether it continues or gets stamped out. I have no prediction for how that will play out.

You could have also predicted shortages of goods based on a combination of the authoritarians’ central planning schemes and too much efficiency. Central planning never worked in the Soviet Union and it won’t work in America. It seems as though the market is routing around the damage caused by government interference and, at least for now, the shortages aren’t as bad as they could be. It’s an ongoing battle and I predict if the market doesn’t win, there will be rough times ahead.

If you understand how viruses evolve, you could have easily predicted the end of Covid as a real threat. If you understand how government works, you could also have predicted Covid’s continued usefulness as a political ploy.

The best predictions happen when you notice what’s going on around you and view things realistically based on how the universe works. You do have to be paying attention, though.

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