Politicians Aren’t Better Than You

It seems it should be obvious to everyone by now: those who seek positions of political power can’t even run their own lives; they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to run yours. No one is less qualified to do so.

Just look at the news. Locally, nationally, and internationally — those with political power are drawn to criminal behavior like Junebugs to porch lights.

They are not better than you. They are not smarter or wiser, more moral, or more expert. They aren’t entitled to decide how you should live your life. They shouldn’t have power over a hamster, much less over other humans.

Sometimes, what they want you to do (or want you to not do) is the same thing you already want. Letting them believe they are governing isn’t going to hurt anything too much — other than perhaps making them bolder. All too often though, they demand you behave in ways that aren’t in your interest. Things that will actually hurt you in some way. Complying with their demands may be safer than defying them. but you lose either way.

These arbitrary demands are usually in their interests, though, and they’ll dream up excuses to pretend they aren’t arbitrary. Their real reason is less noble.

What they demand you give up for them — for “the good of society” — invariably gives them more power and usually enriches them in some way as well. They exempt themselves from the rules they impose if these rules would hamper their own ambitions too much. They believe they are a higher class of human.

They commonly frame their policies as good for society, but this is a lie.

If something isn’t good for individuals, it isn’t good for society. Society is nothing but all the individuals and their actions combined. It’s not something politicians can, or should, control.

People who seek political power are the last people who should be allowed to have it. The temptation to misuse this power is too great. You’ve heard the old saying about power tending to corrupt people and absolute power corrupting them absolutely. If you respect someone, why would you put them in the position to be corrupted and ruined? This is why you never vote for someone you like. Never vote for anyone you don’t like, either.

You have the right to run your own life, even if you are fooled into giving up control to politicians. Don’t be fooled.

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