Philosophy of Voluntaryism 003 – The Unintended Consequences of Taxation (60m)

Philosophy of Voluntaryism 003 is a look at taxation, by Danilo Cuellar and Jim Limber Davis. “The unintended consequences of taxation are nearly infinite. What doesn’t have to be is our nescience about them. By understanding wealth, how it is created, and what its purpose is we can break down the idea of taxation and show the world what it really is: a practice befitting a less civilized, intelligent, and courageous period of humanity’s history.”

Philosophy of Voluntaryism 002 – The Importance of Peace (53m)

Philosophy of Voluntaryism 002 is a look at the importance of peace, by Danilo Cuellar and Jim Limber Davis. “There is more to peace than it being the end game. Peace is a means to an infinite number of ends. Peace is the multipurpose tool for the cognitively advanced mind which understands why it places value upon itself and why others place value upon themselves. Peace is the amplifier of positivity, productivity, and creativity.”