Danilo Interviews Gabriel Scheare of the Underground Homebirth Movement in Chile (1h3m) – Peaceful Anarchism 035

Peaceful Anarchism 034 features an interview of Gabriel Scheare, of Fort Galt and the underground homebirth movement in Chile, by Danilo Cuellar. Topics include: Galt’s Gulch Chile, Exosphere, Cryptacademy, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, his underground homebirth story, Danilo’s waterbirth experiences, vaccinations, sovereign immunity, Jordan Peterson, Ayn Rand, and more.

Danilo Interviews Mary J. Ruwart, Author of “Healing Our World” (1h5m) – Peaceful Anarchism 034

Peaceful Anarchism 034 features an interview of Mary J. Ruwart, author of Healing Our World: The Compassion of Libertarianism, by Danilo Cuellar. Topics include: justice, the not so wild Wild West, prisons, the broken window fallacy and the state, modern poverty, economic freedom, battered citizen syndrom, neighbors, economics, private security, love, charity, and many more.