Partitions III — Northern Ireland

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OK, I have somewhat mixed feelings on this one.  The niggling part of the mix is that the present population of Northern Ireland probably want the status quo, but the overwhelming part of the mix is that the character of the current population was created by British usurpation, historically.  The United Kingdom has no claim to the land that belongs to the Irish people.  This is fundamental, despite any and all convolutions of the past.

I am not an expert on either Irish or British history.  There is too much of it.  But I do know that I have yet to find anything in it which justifies the present problem, the UK feel as though they have a foothold on the Emerald Isle.  The Irish had the misfortune of living too close, first to the Vikings, then to the Brits.  In any event, when the UK finally acquiesced to independence for the Republic of Ireland in 1922, they saw fit to spite the new nation by withholding part of it.  I don’t know what pros and cons the Brits were wrestling with at the time, but they frequently solve their problems with some wholesale fiasco that relegates the problem to someone else.  In the case of Northern Ireland, it was more than half a century of intramural violence between the hapless Catholics and Protestants who lived within its confines.

There is now a restless peace in Ulster.  How long will it last?  A force of Nature is being artificially capped there.  Like stilling the San Andreas fault or calming the magma in the Yellowstone Caldera, human nature is being repressed in this innocent province.  As with all estoppeled forces, the containment will fail, either in a large way or in a painfully slow gradualism.

— Kilgore Forelle

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Kilgore Forelle

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I placed a comment for this article which was Factual and RATIONAL. and had LINK SOURCE evidence but was not published. I am NOT questioning your RIGHT not to publish but I am questioning your MOTIVE which appears to be based on Hypocritical Bias I am disappointed but not surprised as I have discovered many sites which “do the TALK but NOT the WALK ” and in fact were nothing but FRONTS and “Controlled Opposition” and thus I have stopped following them as I shall do with EVC, by UNSUBSCRIBING if I do not see my comment, pending a reasonable… Read more »

Skyler J. Collins (Editor)

why don’t you ask for an explanation before you blow your top? good grief. first, i just switched the commenting system back to disqus, which doesnt carry over preivous comments, so most articles since i previously used disqus (years ago) will show 0 comments. second, I don’t censor anything but spam or shitposting. third, the disqus system AUTOMATICALLY flags any comments with links as potential spam, and sends it to moderation. when i look at moderation (i wasnt notified, for some unexplained reason) i see two comments by yourself. 1 from 4 days ago, and 1 from yesterday. i have… Read more »


I was aware that more than 1 comment had been ignored so my conclusion was reasonable, and I didn’t “blow my top”. Even 2 missing is an understatement. I simply finally reached the point of making an issue of it.

If I had, ( blown my top) my language would have been less “correct”, so-to-speak.

You must admit I did get your , (or whomever) attention

Anyway, thank you for responding . I do appreciate that and I shall continue to recommend your site, to those who may be open to your site’s LOGIC and TRUTH.

Skyler J. Collins (Editor)

ps. i found the setting to email me when comments are auto-marked as spam pending moderation. it was disabled through no intent of my own. must be defaulted that way. it is now enabled.