On Utah Politics III

The Mormon Church has now come out in support of legalizing medical marijuana, but not in the specific way that Proposition 2 does. This is interesting. The Utah Legislature had the last two legislative sessions to legalize medical marijuana, and where was the Mormon Church had they any concern for patients (or liberty)? They failed, and so patients took it into their hands and got Proposition 2 on the 2018 ballot for direct vote. The Mormon Church has opposed it every step of the way, even going as far as having their corporate lawyers create an analysis filled with error and dishonesty. But now, they are urging legislators to convene a special session to legalize medical marijuana in a different way than Proposition 2, by year’s end. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and this seems an awful lot like a move by the Church to help craft legislation according to their own interests. Are churches allowed to craft political legislation? Should churches be allowed to craft political legislation? Should political legislation have any say on what supposedly free people put inside their bodies? Church and State, much? Liberty, much? And that’s today’s two cents.

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