On Sex II

Here’s another thought experiment: An experienced and wealthy movie executive requires that adult male actors who want a part in one of her movies to have sex with her. In your opinion, is this as much of a scandal as a male movie executive requiring the same of female actors? In my opinion, it’s not. Why not? Because I have a hard time thinking of this scenario is anything approaching rape. For me, if I want the part that will pay me millions, I bang the hell out of that movie executive. If I’m not willing to do that, then I find something else. For me, this is just not that big of a deal. I think it would rise to the level of a big deal if the movie executive were able to tie me down or otherwise physically restrain me, and then force me to have sex with her. That would be a very big deal, but otherwise, I’m not feeling like a victim. Banging that movie executive might be gross, but it’s probably worth the tradeoff. I have a feeling many, if not most, guys feel the same way toward this scenario. What do you think? And that’s today’s two cents.

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