Musk May Help End Liberal Narrative

My Twitter account was shut down during the dark days of censorship, but I made a new account a month or so ago. Just in time to see all the fun and drama over Elon Musk’s buyout of the platform.

The celebrations on multiple sides, and the meltdowns on one side, were entertaining. The melodramatic handwringing — over fears of Musk doing to “their side” what they’ve supported doing to everyone else for years — was great comedy.

Elon Musk became their new Donald Trump.

Modern so-called liberals have turned on one of their own because he still values the formerly liberal cause of free speech. What a mixed up world. This is how you know they aren’t liberals anymore.

“Liberal” is supposed to mean open and generous. They are the opposite. They are authoritarians, just like the worst of the “conservatives.”

Musk has warned everyone that he’s not a conservative and will do things that anger conservatives. He explained that he only seems conservative now because the leftists moved so far left while he stood his ground. This left him closer to conservatives than to his former allies.

In some ways, Elon Musk leans libertarian. Not in enough ways, though. He’s still better in this regard than most famous people, even many who call themselves “libertarian,” but he has a long way to go.

Musk could be a libertarian if he’d stop pandering to the state — to political government and the politicians who dwell within it. I get it, though. To run a successful business — or three or four — there are things you have to do to keep from being violently shut down, robbed blind, and caged by armed legislation enforcers and other government agents. He plays the dangerous game because it’s how he stays in business. It’s part of the reason he’s a multi-billionaire and I’m not.

There’s a twisted side of me, of which I’m not proud, which loves seeing the people who have relied on censorship and bullying to keep the opposition in check watching as their control of the narrative slips away. They may get it back — I hope not.

I despise censorship of any kind, so I don’t want them censored or bullied, either. I want their narrative exposed to the light of day so everyone can see how thin and worn it is. I want it to rip to pieces, and it looks like Elon Musk might just help this happen.

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