Nobody asked but …

When will we build a wall to stop the McSkillets of the world?  Why didn’t the heightened activity of ICE keep Rivera away from Mollie Tibbetts?  (Although McSkillet killed three times as many as did Rivera.)  Wasn’t anybody on duty while Manafort stole $ millions?  Who was on the lookout when POTUS chose his fashion statements?  What about Cohen, and aren’t there rules and ethics for the professional conduct of lawyering?  Then, there is Hillary — how can someone like that haunt the halls of politics for so long?  What gives when the largest military/socialist complex (by far) cannot expunge Taliban and ISIS — is it because the goals are to be gigantic and to provide a continuous flow of money from individual taxpayers to mobbed-up, cronyist oligarchs?  Now add the Jacksonville gamer as another who seems to think his agenda is #1 in the Solar System, allegedly because he did not win.

There are more atrocities than you can count.

— Kilgore Forelle

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