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I love markets.  I am sure I remember every one at which I have been, in more than 74 years.  Whenever I travel, at my destination I quickly scout the area for all of its markets of perishable goods.  I remember when I was a toddler, taking an afternoon walk in Chattanooga to a private home where a lady sold my mother freshly squeezed and bottled fruit juices from her kitchen — I have never tasted anything better.  A trip to a local food market will tell you more about a geographic spot than I could possibly relate in a blog entry.  I love supermarkets, new and used book stalls, flea markets, art galleries, sidewalk vendors, newsstands, tradesperson workplaces, restaurants, fairs, craft shows, auctions, theaters (movie, stage, concert, and opera).  I buy recordings, baseball caps, posters, microbrews, coffees, magazines, videos, gifts, means of transportation, and local specialties.  And I love all of the information I gain about a new place by plunging into its markets.  I cannot recall a single instance of regret from this behavior.

— Kilgore Forelle

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