Making History

Every day you are making history.

Think that way.  Act that way.  Remember what’s happening when it’s happening, because someday it will be part of the grand narrative of your life, and the world at large.

I’ve always loved the verse in the Bible about Jesus and his childhood exploits that says, “Mary pondered all these things and treasured them in her heart.”

She didn’t fully understand what was happening or what it would mean for world history.  But she knew it was special.  She knew it was something worth pondering and cherishing.  She didn’t know exactly what she was a part of but she knew it was big.

I endeavor to come from that orientation every day.

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Isaac Morehouse is the founder and CEO of Praxis, an awesome startup apprenticeship program. He is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of freedom. He’s written some books, done some podcasting, and is always experimenting with self-directed living and learning. When he’s not with his wife and kids or building his company, he can be found smoking cigars, playing guitars, singing, reading, writing, getting angry watching sports teams from his home state of Michigan, or enjoying the beach.