Make Politicians Invisible Again

You may have picked up subtle clues that my opinion of politicians is exactly as low as my opinion of freelance thieves, bullies, and vandals. It’s impossible for me to dislike them more than I already do.

Still, I admit some politicians are undeniably worse than others.

My measure of how good or bad a politician is depends entirely on whether they force me to notice them. The more I notice them, the worse I consider them to be. Any politician who isn’t completely invisible to my daily life is one I don’t like. This not only includes their physical presence, but any legislative or bureaucratic nonsense they drop in my path for me to step in.

If they make up any legislation I might notice, they need to do better. If they flood society with minions acting on their behalf to impose this legislation on me or anyone else, they’ve crossed a clear line.

I want them to leave me alone, and I mean this in every sense of the phrase.

Obviously, if I notice them because they’ve stopped bothering me as much as their predecessors in some obvious way, I’ll cut them some slack in this one area.

Yet, this wouldn’t have been an issue if a politician hadn’t meddled where he or she had no business meddling. Somehow, politicians have come to believe meddling is their business rather than being a crime.

It used to be a person could live an entire lifetime without ever meeting a government employee. They were like mythical creatures one heard about from mysterious travelers but had never seen with their own eyes. Much like harpies or Mongolian Death Worms.

Later, the only government employee anyone was likely to encounter was the person delivering the mail. Unless someone actually requested a government employee’s presence, they were not imposing themselves in your life.

This isn’t the case anymore, much to the detriment of society. This situation is as helpful to society as potholes in racetracks are to racehorses.

Worse, due to the licensing scams they keep expanding you are required to deal with government employees regularly to stay “legal.” In some cases once per year, which is far too often. The number of required encounters keeps rising all the time like an overflowing toilet.

I want politicians to become invisible again. Even if their jobs don’t go completely extinct, if we no longer see or hear them, it’s an improvement.

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Alex Knight
Alex Knight
1 year ago

Somehow, politicians have come to believe meddling is their business rather than being a crime.”

I think most of them, in spite of their hubris, have known it’s a crime all along. They just don’t care. They delight in their evil. You’re dealing with sociopaths.

Alex Knight
Alex Knight
1 year ago
Reply to  Kent McManigal

Ah, I see. Bon chance. 🙂