Magical Thinking

Nobody asked but …

I couldnt refrain from sharing this brilliant poem from my Facebook friend, Troy Camplin.

Magical Thinking

I do believe I ought to bang my head
Against this wall again–I do believe
This time will work–I’ll bring alive the dead
A final failing time–yet none will grieve
When this penultimate attempt will fail–
Just three or four times more and nature will
Give in, her laws will break, I will prevail–
And when I do I’ll send nature the bill.

I’m certain that, unaided, I can fly–
I won’t give in to nature’s tyranny–
I know my good intentions will ensure
This leap success–I know I’ll never die,
That I can overcome mere gravity–
I know this since I know my heart is pure.

Troy Camplin

   — forwarded to you by Kilgore Forelle

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