Little Kings

Nobody asked but …

As I watch the excruciating ramble of POTUS in Nashville, the hair stands up on my neck at the lauding of Andrew Jackson, who was our first wheeler dealer little king. We have had more than a few of those. The rogues who have been little, maladroit kings include WW (same as World War), FDR, LBJ, RMN, WJC, GWB, and now, DJT. Our Constitution defines the office of POTUS–it is the first culprit. Lysander Spooner might observe that if any instance of POTUS is what we have gotten through the Constitution, then the Constitution is a failure, along with the 45 of 45 instances of POTUS. History has painted a truer picture of the thieves gallery of little kings. POTUS is an impossible job, designed as it is as a little king, after the clown parade in our putative mother country, England. Our POTUS acts out as if he is the crowned head in his court. Is he mad King George III or Henry VIII?

— Kilgore Forelle

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