‘Law’ Always Benefits The Elites

It’s aggravating that New Mexico’s Supreme Court decided the petitions aimed at possibly holding the New Mexico governor accountable for her COVID overreach were “legally invalid.” Aggravating, but not surprising.

Somehow the “law” always benefits the elite political class and their schemes at the expense of the rest of us and our liberty.

Whenever mere people try to hold government accountable and make it stay within its clear boundaries, the state finds a way to brush their concerns aside. It finds those boundaries to be the ridiculous complaints of conspiracy theorists or extremists, even when it doesn’t use those precise words. This time it said the petitions are “legally invalid” because, in their biased opinion, there was no crime. How could they have ruled otherwise when they are complicit in the political crimes?

When government wants to do something that is clearly illegal – unconstitutional — the courts the government owns and controls nearly always find a way to twist — “interpret” — the Constitution so they can do it. This is what “interpreting” the Constitution means; bending it away from its main purpose of restraining government just enough to let government get away with a crime.

Crimes like COVID shutdowns or mandates. Or legislation concerning firearms or other weapons; legislation that isn’t allowed in America. Or the crime of government-controlled schools, the issuing (or denial) of licenses to ration natural rights for a price, patrolling the roads to waylay travelers, or whatever government was never intended to be allowed to do in America, under the U.S. Constitution.

This continues until there’s no liberty left for the people, but government has the freedom to do anything it wants.

The benefit of the doubt is always given to government interests over those of the people and their liberty; the opposite of how it has to be. Government has been allowed to police itself — a practice that never works with any institution anywhere.

It’s as though government doesn’t realize that when you remove the ability to rein it in by peaceful means, such as with petitions, you force the people to use other means. This won’t keep going the way government believes it will. They can only push so far before they’ve gone too far. They won’t know they’ve gone too far until it’s too late. That won’t be a pleasant day for anyone, and it will be because government won’t allow the people to tell it “No.”

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