Hoopla is Theft in the Age of Organized Lying

Nobody asked but …

I was piqued by a notice in the email system at work.  We were warned that there might be traffic problems on the day that POTUS visited town for a campaign rally.  I became curious as to who pays for the costs of these campaign rallies.  I did some Internet investigation, but fuhgeddaboudit.  There is no focus, there is no exactitude.  Perhaps you have heard George Bernard Shaw’s observation, “If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion.”  That also is true particularly of politicians, bureaucrats, and PR flacks, among many other strains of liars, but they will arrive at an instance of organized lying.

The lesson is clear.  Do not seek straight answers from those whose best interests are served by telling lies.  Rather, we should seek to dismantle the sources of organized lying.  We know that POTUS (and NOT just the current incarnation) campaigns for his second term on the public coffers.  Don’t be fooled into participating in the organized lying (the email notice cited above is part of the game, where everyone acts as if an activity is in the due course of events, hiding in plain sight).  The flood of misinformation is part of the confusion.

— Kilgore Forelle

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