Generations Are Artificial Divisions

Nobody asked but …

Another item from my bucket list is in the title above, generations are artificial divisions.

I recently took two of the greatest road trips possible.  The first was with my 32 year-old grandson to Holiday World in southern Indiana.  We were met at the park by his brother, my 30 year-old grandson.  From that point, until the park shut down, we cavorted like crazy at the Splashin’ Safari.  I was only sporadically aware of my true age.  I got a jump start on my life force from my two grandsons.

Just about two months later, I agreed to ride along with my 17 year-old granddaughter for a round trip to Berea, KY.  The purpose of the trip was to meet with her first cousin (an in-law to me) to take photos of her in beautiful settings.  She is a senior in high school, in need of photos for her yearbook.  Her cousin is a super senior at Berea College, and he brought his partner, a lovely young lady, along for the outing.  We went to The Pinnacles.  I couldn’t believe the hiking in which I was included without a care.  Whatever.  I felt like a kid again.

I realized that I was a member of a society that continually divides and labels its people into age groups.  From pre-school through senility, we are graded.  But now, luckily, I have stumbled into commerce with generations far from mine.  We are alike.  I shall make the most of it.

— Kilgore Forelle


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