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Yesterday I visited Mount Fuji and Mount Kilimanjaro.  I meant to go also to Mount Denali, but I got sidetracked at the Rock of Gibraltar.  Exhausting, right?

Not really.  I did it from my couch with Kilgorette’s Chihuahua curled in my lap.  I did it via Google Earth.

One minute I am in Bristol, England, trying to find that great Italian restaurant where we had affogatoThe next that occurs to me is to see both lighthouses on Block Island, RI, USA.  But I don’t have to slog through a quarter mile of drifting sand.

Soon, I hope to visit Iguacu Falls, hovering over the precipice.

This software is amazing.  I didn’t see it coming.  It can be a little frustrating.  For instance if you want to move from one block to the next, it can seem to take forever.  But it can jump from Fuji to Kilimanjaro in just about the same time.

I used to read Mark Twain’s description of Hobart, Tasmania, and wonder what it is like to be there.  Now at least, I can see the modern site myself.

— Kilgore Forelle

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