Focus on Presidential Candidate Andrew (I Have a Degree in Economics Too!) Yang. (37m) – Episode 015

Episode 015: Move over AOC, there’s a new “economist” in town! Forget about the Green New Deal, Mr. Yang has a New… New Deal. A deal so progressive and economically untenable it would make FDR proud! Join your host, Jared Nordin as he takes on the daunting, yet humorous task of going through presidential hopeful Yang’s almost endless policy wishlist he hopes to bring to fruition upon his coronation as president of the United States.

Listen to Episode 015 (38m, mp3, 64kbps)

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Jared Nordin is an electrician by trade. Father of two. He really enjoys hiking, backpacking, and photography with his wife. He can hear him on The Voluntary Contrarian podcast.

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