Don’t Fall For The Brainwashing

Can you tell when someone is trying to brainwash you?

Well, one way to know is to watch out for revealing words. Such as when they say “our government” or “your government“. That’s a lie, but it’s one most people won’t catch. That also applies to “our president” or other politicians.

Another red flag is when they speak of “leaders” when talking about rulers or politicians. Another sneaky lie.

A newer trick that emerged with AGCC (“climate change”) but went viral (how punny) during the Covid overreaction is to speak of “the science” when spreading the opinions of politicized “experts”. Science is a process, not a proclamation. “The science” is a lie.

If they can make you accept their deceptive words without hesitation, they can fool you into believing the world is as they would prefer you believe. Often, they are trying to make you accept the legitimacy of political government– something which can never be legitimate.

Brainwashing doesn’t have to be a complete lie but could be a half-truth presented in an untruthful way. Such as what often happens with corporate “news”. In fact, it’s their only gimmick.

Don’t let the bullies brainwash you into giving up your individual liberty. It’s never worth it.

Any comfort you get from embracing the brainwashing is fleeting. The pain could last the rest of your life.

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