Don’t Confuse Growth with Glamour

If you want to do good, then purify yourself of the need to be seen as someone who always does the right thing.

If you want to be intelligent, then purge yourself of the need to always sound smart.

If you want to grow, then pry yourself free from the need to always look like you’re making progress.

Becoming good will sometimes require you to look bad, getting smart will sometimes require you to look dumb, and moving forward will sometimes require you to look like you’re stepping backwards.

While you’re pursuing beautiful results, don’t resent the ugliness of the process.

Nothing hinders creative and constructive work more than an obsession with always looking like you’re doing creative and constructive work.

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TK Coleman is the Education Director for Praxis. He has coached dozens of young people and top performers from all stages of life. He’s the author of hundreds of articles and is a frequent speaker on education, entrepreneurship, freedom, personal growth, and creativity. TK is a relentless learner, has been involved in numerous startups, and has professional experience ranging from the entertainment to financial services industries and academia. Above all else, TK is on a mission to help people embrace their own power and expand their own possibilities.

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