Don’t Be Judgmental

Nobody asked but …

I have suffered writers’ block (enough with the cheering over there), but it has not been coterminous with the Covid19 shutdown. I’ll share with you where it came from.

Sometime after my last previous post, I listened to the Voluntaryist Voices podcast on the 7 principles of non-violent communication, by Micah Salaberrios. The first principle, that one should not be judgmental, proved a hurdle for me. I was suddenly buffaloed about how to write op/ed style posts while not being judgmental.

After much struggle I have concluded that I should amp up in terms of facts, and the more difficult, truth, in my blog offerings.

But, I will not label anything as truth, since truth is a label which can be applied to either a fact, a collection of related facts, or a pack of lies.

Furthermore, I will strive not to cherry-pick only those facts which suit my agenda.  As Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

— Kilgore Forelle

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