Do You Care if Someone Benefits “Unfairly”?

A lot of people are very concerned with making sure no one gets anything for free. Very concerned with not allowing anyone to have the opportunity to be a “free rider“.

This confuses and amuses me.

I do lawn care, with another person, for my parents. As part of that, we mow and trim the alley behind their house. I also trim around the dumpster my parents use. It isn’t exactly in their part of the alley but is next door, adjacent to their part. No one else trims around it. But since my parents use it, and they both worry excessively about snakes, I take a few seconds and keep the grass and weeds in front of the dumpster cleared away.

Yes, I know this act benefits others who haven’t paid to get the benefit; I don’t care. But it annoys my assistant that I do this. BadlyShe says that’s “not our job”. She doesn’t want other people to benefit in any way from our work.

That’s how the statist mind works. It’s sad.

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