Discomfort and Agony

“My discomfort is a monumental tragedy of epic proportions– maybe not even survivable. But yours? Yours is trivial, you whiner, and you need to just shut up and deal with it.”

Or, at least that’s the message most people seem to be sending. Not just statists, but almost all statists.

I do think most people are addicted to comfort. Even me. But I also understand the difference between comfort and necessity. Liberty is a necessity, which is often shoved aside to make way for comfort for the weak losers who find liberty inconvenient or scary.

Physical discomfort can be a problem. It really can. I have slept lying in cold, standing water. I’ve had a kidney stone so painful I was curled into the fetal position on the floor. And don’t even ask about the bike wreck when I was 12, and its aftermath! Makes me shudder to remember! And there have been various other painful or uncomfortable times besides those. But the psychological pain of being violated on a daily basis by statists and other archators is just as real. But statists can’t see any possible way they are causing pain, and if they do, they don’t care. It’s “worth it” to them.

Somehow they believe their discomfort at being slightly chilly and having to put on a sweater compares to the psychic pain of longing for liberty.

Yeah, it’s a problem. And yeah, I sometimes roll my eyes and make fun of those who fall into this trap. But, I know they feel the same way about my discomfort, so I guess we are even.

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