Dead People Walking

Nobody asked but …

There are too many signs that the species, humans, have finished their time on Earth.

Decades ago I saw either a play or a movie in which 1 cast member said to another, “you have killed me.”  The point being that there’s usually a moment in which a dying person knows that the end is soon.  I have the same POV on the preservation of our species — we appear to be dead persons walking.

  • Our language is dying.  We cannot make an utterance without it being shredded, often by observers who were not intended as participants of the attempted communication.
  • Media have no clear idea of their function, reducing ideas to captions which do not align with the meanings.
  • We have allowed the slow but inevitable pervasion of social security numbers linked, spiderweb-like, to all the meant-to-be-secret nooks and crannies of our lives.

You cannot put the worm’s toothpaste back in the dispenser.

— Kilgore Forelle

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