COVID-19 Not Worth Shutting Down Over

As I write this I am wrapping up my own adventure with COVID-19. It didn’t feel good, but it was nothing worth destroying the economy over. It was not worth any mandates, shutdowns, or other government overreaches.

When I think back on the worst illnesses or injuries in my life, this doesn’t even make the top 100 list. Even those experiences in the top 10 wouldn’t convince me to violate your liberty in the tiniest degree to avoid them. If they could even be avoided by violating you, which is unlikely.

Your liberty and your natural rights matter more to me than comfort or convenience. They matter more to me than the risk of death.

Your experience might differ and you might disagree. It’s a matter of values and priorities. Liberty is my priority. I’m willing to suffer and fight for your liberty, even if you don’t appreciate it.

Now that the pandemic is over and COVID is endemic, it’s just one of the various coronaviruses people will get regularly, regardless of any vaccines. Everyone will catch this, and new variants will arise constantly so you can catch it again. No one in the public will care what name is given to each new variant. For that matter, I doubt anyone outside scientific specialties or the fear industry will continue to care whether their cold is COVID, some other coronavirus, or a rhinovirus. You’ll get sick, push through, and get on with life. This is simply how these things work.

Or, it’s how it used to work before government decided to see what it could get away with and what people would tolerate. We tried this new way, and it was a circus of destruction. Time to toss it, and the political criminals who pushed it, on the garbage heap of mistakes never to be repeated.

Life can never be without risk. Trying to remove all the risk from life is too risky. The smarter plan is to figure out how to live with the risk.

Imagine if we allowed government to shut down our lives over every cold or flu virus. We’d soon sink into a new Dark Age. Some people would apparently like this to happen. Most of us wouldn’t. It’s time to stop listening to the fearmongers and authoritarian monsters. It’s long past time to end the mandates they pretend can change the reality of common illnesses. It’s time to get on with life.

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