Coarse Evil, Smooth Evil, and The Gift of Discernment

If something looks like evil, sounds like evil, and acts like evil, it is undoubtedly evil and must be clearly opposed. However, it should not be forgotten that evil has many forms and plays out its plans on many fronts at the same time, often pretending to be its own enemy.

A constant element of this game is, for example, whitewashing or making its relatively more subtle forms more attractive by focusing all attention on its more coarse forms. Therefore, when opposing the latter, one should be careful not to enter into allegedly pragmatic alliances with their more polite counterparts with noble zeal. And above all, one should beware of the belief in this context that such warnings are tantamount to sabotaging legitimate efforts against this evil, which at the moment seems to be the most directly dangerous.

In other words, the courage of a lion should never part with the prudence of a serpent – otherwise the most dangerous evil, not in an immediate, but in an ultimate sense, will be able to turn good intentions into its final benefit.

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