Cannabis Licensing Smacks of Scam

If government claims it will finally allow you — after you buy a license — to do something you’ve always had a natural human right to do, but makes the rules for getting the license so burdensome, complex, annoying, and expensive that few will jump through the hoops, what was really accomplished? Was your freedom increased or was it a scam?

The New Mexico cannabis business licensing scheme looks like one such example to me.

Some licensing schemes are concerned with controlling business to keep free enterprise from existing while others are aimed at rationing other natural human rights government refuses to recognize. Concealed carry permits and driver’s licenses being prime examples of violating a right, then selling a license so the right will be seen as a privilege.

These types of programs allow government officials to claim they’ve given you an opportunity, and it’s your fault if you don’t follow through. Of course, if you dare exercise your right without the license, they’ll call you a criminal and use government violence against you. What a racket. I’ll bet other crime syndicates wish they could get away with criminal behavior this bold — with the approval of most of their victims.

If government were serious about respecting human rights — one of which is the right to trade without government interference — it would simply get out of the way. No excuses and no licenses.

If anyone demands you buy a license for anything, they have no intention of respecting your rights.

Years ago, in another state, I tried to get a license I needed to expand my business and was given the run-around by every government employee I contacted. Including the one whose job it was to sell me the license. It wasn’t that they openly denied my request, they just ignored me over and over and did nothing for months until I gave up.

When I see the ridiculous rules and requirements that have been imposed surrounding cannabis businesses, I see the same sort of government scam.

Yet, those interested in running such a business dare not criticize the scheme. Doing so would probably guarantee they’d be put on a list of people who will never be allowed a license for a cannabis business. So I don’t expect any of them to publicly agree with me and potentially derail their dreams. I’ll speak up for them since I’m not interested in opening a cannabis business.

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