Blame Inflation on Century of Bungling

The U.S. government is probably relieved it can now blame the results of some of its past crimes and bungling — such as inflation and other economic disasters — on the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and most people will believe it. In fact, the same is likely true of every government in the world.

The fact is, this train pulled out of the station years before the Ukrainian invasion was considered.

The inflation was caused by the Federal Reserve’s destruction of the dollar followed by a century of governmental meddling in the economy.

The huge counterfeiting operation they called a “stimulus” was going to cause higher inflation. It was inevitable. That’s what adding money backed by nothing to an economy does; every dollar already out there becomes worth less and less. Shutdowns and crippling regulations imposed as an overreaction to COVID added to the trouble.

If this invasion hadn’t happened, the U.S. government would have needed to find another phony reason for the hard times; an excuse that didn’t point back at themselves. The COVID excuse wasn’t working so well on the population anymore. They needed a new one.

Now they can blame Putin and many people will believe it. His invasion of Ukraine didn’t help matters, but it’s only a contributing factor, not the main cause.

Yet, the U.S. government also shares in the blame for the situation in Ukraine. The invasion was largely caused by decades of provocation by the U.S. government and NATO. They asked for trouble and they got it.

Most people don’t realize this.

Don’t worry though, rich celebrities are willing to suffer for the cause. Or, they are willing to see you suffer for the cause since they aren’t the ones who will suffer. They say they are willing to pay more for gas, and by saying so are demonstrating their economic ignorance.

Higher fuel prices aren’t just about gasoline. They will make all prices go up. Fuel is required to manufacture everything — especially since nuclear energy has been demonized for so many decades — and fuel is needed to move raw materials around. It’s needed to get finished products from manufacturers to stores.  Add this to the devalued currency — thanks to the stimulus and other things — and hard times may be on the horizon.

I hope that instead of waiting for government to ride over the hill to save you, you prepared well ahead of time. If not, start now.

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