Be Cure to Government’s Disease

Joe Biden has done us a favor. One he didn’t intend to do and one his supporters probably haven’t noticed and wouldn’t like if they did. If America can survive Biden, in his mentally degraded condition, then it’s clear the office of president is unnecessary to the well-being of Americans.

I would say it is obvious this truth can be extended to the rest of government as well, from every branch of the feral federal government down to city councils.

Things that are necessary and good can be done without government, and the things “only government” can do aren’t just unnecessary, but are harmful.

Recently, Elon Musk has shown that NASA is unnecessary for human spaceflight, and that the Federal Aviation Administration is a threat to the future of the human species since it is doing all it can to hamper his Mars program and keep the tax slaves on Earth. Musk is working to ensure the survival of humanity while government agencies are making themselves our enemies. It’s a stark contrast.

Musk is now also fighting to restore free speech while his opponents are fighting for censorship; another contrast that puts him on the better side.

This doesn’t mean Elon Musk is above criticism — he’s not — but he doesn’t have the power to steal your money and throw you in a cage if you resist. This makes him better than any government.

If you imagine something can’t be done without the power to steal other people’s money to pay for it — the power to tax — you’ve been tricked. If it’s necessary, it can and will be done anyway, and if not, it probably shouldn’t be done at all.

If you see something you believe needs to be done, what’s stopping you from stepping up and doing it? If it’s a lack of money, convince others it’s a good idea and collect the money, voluntarily, to give it a try. If you can’t get people to chip in, maybe the idea isn’t as good as you believe it is.

If money isn’t what’s standing between a good idea and making it a reality, it’s probably government rules stopping you. Rules put in place to protect political cronies, to protect government monopolies, or to enrich and empower politicians. None of which helps the people.

Government is not on your side and is an unnecessary disease many seem unwilling to cure. Don’t be like them. Be the cure.

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