“Well At Least He’s Not Hillary!”

Just a friendly reminder: every tyrant rose to power, always with some degree of popular support, while righteously railing against whatever authoritarian injustice came before. Mao did it. Stalin and Lenin did it. Hitler did it. Che and Castro did it. And so on.

So, to be someone cheering for some guy rising to power simply because he opposed some other control freak, puts you in the same category as the hundreds of millions of other dupes who have cheered tyranny into power, as their (misguided) solution to some other tyranny. Good job, gullible dupes.

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Their Vision of La-La Land

Something just occurred to me. A lot of collectivists, under different labels and categories, seem to have their ideal centralized “master plan” vision where “the people” own and control everything collectively, but those same theorizing collectivists never even get around to thinking about having to force anyone to comply and conform, because their daydreaming only gets to the point where they just imagine everyone agreeing and going along with the plan. They picture a giant hippie commune scene where everyone is happy and loving and caring and sharing, and there is no need for any control, or decision-making, or coercion, because in their imagination (and only in their imagination) there is no disagreement or dissent that needs dealing with.

This is a drastically naive and childish way to think (but so is communism to begin with), but I really think that a number of collectivists really haven’t even thought about what would be done to anyone who doesn’t want to go along with the centralized plan, because in their vision of la-la-land, no one dissents or disagrees.

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Turtles All The Way Down

If the people in power decide to rob you and abuse you and violate their own bogus rules, then you can petition a judge to please do something about it. But the judge is appointed by the robbers. And also paid by the robbers. With money they stole from you. Oh, and the state will use lawyers also paid for by what they stole from you (and millions of your neighbors). Every level of appeal and review is appointed and controlled by the robbers, paid with money they stole from you. Plus, you have to pay for the privilege of having their corrupt crooks hear your case. And since you probably aren’t familiar with their legalese voodoo yourself, you also probably have to pay (a lot) to someone “licensed” and approved by the robbers, to be your “advocate.”

It’s like playing in a football game. Except you have to pay for the stadium. And all the players on the other team. And for the referee. Who works for the other team. And you pay for your own “quarterback” … who can only play in the game if the other team approves of him. Oh, and the other team makes the rules. And changes them whenever they want. And they don’t follow their own rules. And they get away with it. Constantly. But they kidnap and cage you if you don’t follow their rules. Or even if you do follow them, but they pretend you didn’t. Then they put you in a cage. A cage that you paid for.

And most people don’t see a problem with this arrangement. Because “muh roads.”

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Loud, Insecure Idiots

Don’t let the noise scare you or discourage you. Whether by intentional sabotage, “government”-created or otherwise, there has been, and will always be, some people trying to muddy, confuse, demonize and destroy the actual message of self-ownership and freedom. They are just noise. Ideas are bullet-proof. Don’t let fear-driven closet statists and Trump apologists make you think that voluntaryism is waning. It’s not. At all. Don’t let a few loud, insecure idiots trick you into thinking they represent any significant numbers. Stick to principles, ignore people who don’t, and keep on keeping on. That’s all.

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The Biggest War-Mongering Murder Machines

Those who whine about how they just want an “ethno-nation” of their own, with their fellow super-duper-white people, are never being honest about their motives or their intentions.

Aside from how ludicrous it is to pretend that “Western culture” is synonymous with a truly free society (read a history book, dude), the idea that somehow pro-liberty philosophy can only be understood or realized by white people is just idiotic.

Most of the 300,000,000+ people in this country are white, and almost all of them are statist, and many of them are outright socialists. To whine about what percentage of this or that demographic category advocate freedom is stupid. If you want a free society, what could possibly be a rational excuse for trying to keep some black advocate of freedom out? Because you think a higher percentage of his relatives might not advocate freedom?

The “ethno-nation” bullshit has everything to do with racism and xenophobia, and nothing to do with freedom. What makes this stupidly obvious is that those who are whining about having their own “ethno-state” are advocating state aggression to achieve it. Literally, they are arguing, “We neeeeeeeeeed to have authoritarian violence used against millions of people who haven’t done anything… because those are the type of people who advocate authoritarian violence!”

And by the way, there is no one American or “Western” culture. It is a giant hodge-podge of a zillion viewpoints and opinions, many of them idiotic and/or evil. And given that “Western” ruling classes are currently the biggest war-mongering murder machines in the world, it’s beyond absurd to argue, “We Westerners need to keep out all those people who would support big government and try to force their views on us!”

I don’t give a crap what random set of arbitrary crap people want to call a “culture.” I care only about people leaving other people in peace. And the “ethno-nation” doofuses fail that simple test. Maybe they should be physically removed.

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Your Wealth and Your Freedom

Wow, people still whining, from the “left” and “right,” about who tried to “influence” U.S. elections. It’s laughably stupid that that is what anyone is worried about, or cares about. The elections are always a show: the establishment picks two puppets, either of whom will do what the puppet-masters want, and then you get to choose one … except that part is rigged, too. There is one  ruling class in the U.S., and on a daily basis it conspires to steal more of your wealth and your freedom. Which puppet is at the forefront doesn’t change that. Ever.

If you’re all upset that someone over in Russia might have nudged one puppet or the other towards or away from the throne, you just don’t understand what the hell is going on here. Of course, that is why the media is harping on it: so the subject class thinks that that is what matters. “We must preserve our sacred democracy!” You mean your political masters must preserve the illusion that you have any say or influence in who your next slave-master will be, or in what he will do to you?

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