Adapt Yourself to New Realities

To solve a problem systemically is to change yourself to a different way of living. Exploration makes you adapt in response to your new experiences. Without the vital trait of adaptation, you will become defensive against new experiences. Adaptation is necessary for continued growth. You will inevitably discover things that counter your prior self. Adaptation is the doorway to becoming more, not less, in response to difficult experiences.

Problems Define You

Anytime something is not as though you would prefer it, you are dealing with a problem. Problems, though subjectively defined and internally maintained, are fundamental to how thinking, judging brains interpret reality. Your reason and your judgment are tools for solving the problems that are an unavoidable part of living. You can languish in the process of discomfort, or entertain yourself with creating a solution.

Grow Beyond the Space You Occupy

The great trap you must avoid is allowing the world to direct your curiosity onto things you have no care for. It is the default state of ordinary people to push their interests and concerns onto whoever will listen. Nature abhors a vacuum, and those with authority will rush to fill the vacuum they perceive in your head. If you can sidestep these social pressures, you can direct your own learning onto the exceptional path you have chosen.