Another Fine Mess

Nobody asked but …

By the time the next election for POTUS rolls around, November 5, 2024, Joe Biden will be 81 and Donald Trump will be 78.  Yikes!

A choice between frik and frak, a benign do-gooder vs a malign do-badder — both toxic to America.

There is no chance that the dems will dodge this bullet.  Renomination is necessary to prove the illusion of the wisdom of the 2020 gaffe.

There is no chance that the gopers will step back from the brink.  Renomination is necessary to sustain the illusion that the candidate has not already lost two consecutive popular votes.

Be that as it may, these are old, as in ancient, codgers.  This post is not youth crying out against the elderly, because I am 78 and a half.  I cannot imagine having an ego so monstrous that I could drive myself down this road to perdition.

I want to cry out for salvation from this mess, but I fear that we have been headed for this debacle all along.  The wheels are falling off the clown car of state.

— Kilgore Forelle

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